꒱࿐♡ ˚.ೃ TERMS OF SERVICE: ꒱࿐♡ ˚.
!! buying a commission from me means that you agree and accept all terms and policies that are written below.
---> these conditions apply unless we agreed otherwise.
· all rights to the commissioned artwork belong to me
· i have the right to post your commission to my social media sites and portfolio.
· the artwork i make for you is for personal and non-profit use only.
· you are free to repost and use my artwork as icons as long as you credit me in the description.
· i only accept paypal. if you are in/from germany you can also pay by bank transfer. please make sure to pay in euros (€) instead of dollars.
---> these conditions always apply.
· nfts
· pedophilic/racist/sexist or otherwise offensive content
· overly detailed mecha designs
· i am fine with drawing pin-up/suggestive/nude art, but no heavy nsfw drawings.
· if you like the way i've drawn a certain image then feel free to send it to me and i will do my best to mimic the art style! i will not draw in other people's art styles for commissions though.

❄¯✲❄♫♪♩░H░E░L░L░O░ ♫♫♪❄¯✲❄
i'm widad but you can call me wiwi kiwi! i'm a (mostly) digital artist
from leipzig/germany. i love films, cute stuff and horror. txt me? contact@widad.de